Our Industries

As the world we live in continues to be digitally transformed, no operation is able to escape the online world and the inherent risks of the space. In spite of the very real risks that exists, the opportunities created and the rewards to be claimed make digital transformation worth it. Trust PragmatechX to guide your organization’s navigation in the online world. We proudly serve MSMEs, Corporate Entities and Government Agencies locally and regionally. We stand ready to serve you.

Banking and Finance

In the finance industry, services must always be online and available. When this level of assurance exists, all parties are happy. When this assurance fails, the pain is felt across the organization and by customers. We provide services that enable large and small players in the Financial sector to take action to provide privacy, protection and compliance requirements concerning regulated, sensitive financial and personal data. PragmatechX is your partner to help you frame the new technology conversation to challenge assumptions and uncover misperceptions in order to achieve business goals.


During the COVID-19 pandemic critical weaknesses were exposed in government IT systems at every level. There is a dramatic need to accelerate the digitalization and modernization of mission-critical systems as well as the transformation of outdated infrastructures enabling governments to serve businesses, agencies and citizens faster, more efficiently, and significantly cheaper. PragmatechX is here to help.


MSMEs are most susceptible to cyber attacks, accounting for more than half of these incidents. It is estimated that only 14% of MSMEs are prepared to tackle cyber threats, leaving the industry vulnerable. Many MSMEs remain unaware and unprepared for the cyber-risks; many senior decision-makers in small businesses believe they are unlikely to be a target of online criminals and have no form of a digital defense plan. PragmatechX is committed to serving this community to build awareness about threats in cyberspace and by establishing digital defense plans that meet industry assurance standards.


In 2019, the manufacturing sector reached the top 10 status as the 8th most targeted industry by cyber attackers. While most of the world was largely unprepared for the effects of COVID-19, cyber attackers were ready. The manufacturing industry moved from the 8th most targeted industry by cyber attackers to number 2, falling behind only finance and insurance. According to the 2021 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR), this represents a 300% increase in a single year. The manufacturing industry is a major economic driver and vulnerabilities in this space can have widespread implications, PragmatechX stands ready to facilitate the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises regionally.

Health Care

In an age where immediacy is expected, medical professionals need secure access to on-premises and cloud applications in multiple locations simultaneously. This need for ready access to sensitive information creates opportunity for security breaches and vulnerabilities that threaten vital systems. The good news is that industry standards are well established and PragmatechX is well apprised of said standards. Trust PragmatechX to implement systems and solutions to support safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Cyber Security

Organizations of all sizes are benefiting enormously from digital technology. However, along with those benefits they also face a growing set of digital risks. We work daily to help organizations better manage and mitigate the risk associated with the digital economy. Cyber-related losses cost the global economy upwards of $1.5 trillion each year, and yet the majority of businesses are either under-insured or under-prepared to manage and mitigate the risks of an increasingly digital world. PragmatechX aims to provide proactive cybersecurity tools & services to help your business manage and mitigate cyber risk, provide assurance to clients, prevent losses and meet industry-specific compliance consistent with cyber insurance requirements to help recovery.